Can I use blender with ryzen 5 3400g (vega11) +8gb ram without graphics card

Hey I want to learn blender
I have ryzen 5 3400g with vega 11 + 8gb ram
I don’t have gpu
Can I run blender without gpu
If can how
Plz tell I do anything

Yes, you can run Blender just like any other program.

Can vega 11 handle blender
Do I need to use open CL or vega 11 is enough

Hi Anurag,
Blender can run without gpu. I don’t know about your spezific hardware or OS.

I suggest to just download and try it! It’s free :slight_smile:
It’s also easily installed and deinstalled.

You mean if it can run without a dedicated gpu. A vega 11 is a gpu and for an integrated one a good one. So yes it definitely can run blender and accelerate it. If it suits all you needs on the other hand is very dependent on your expectations.

Ok thanks