can i use blendo for some render tests?

(dotblend) #1

i guess the subject says enough?

yay, a new domain

(WeirdHat) #2

Absolutely! Go right ahead!

(dotblend) #3

thanks a lot!

i’m thinking about using it for the virtualight tutorial…

(Lyubomir) #4

Add a note somewhere in the BlenderChar site stating that:

Blendo (this site’s mascot) is © Lyubomir Kovachev ([email protected]).
Everyone can use it for educational and non-commercial purposes only, with no public presentation and distribution of any kind.

(dotblend) #5

can i use it for a blender tutorial?, here on elysiun?

(Lyubomir) #6

What is this tutorial about?

(Lyubomir) #7

Oh, it’s a LightFlow export tutorial, right?
Ok, use it. Just give credit. Something like:
“Blendo is the brain child of the brainless Bulgarian guy Lyubomir Kovachev” :wink:

(dotblend) #8

its about the export to the 3dvirtualight renderer
and it should be finished somewhere around friday

yay a new domain!