Can I use compositing nodes to put sequences of images together?

I’ve rendered my animation from several camera positions, and now I want to put a final movie together, moving from camera to camera as the action demands - sticking together sequences of images from different sources, in other words. The manual makes it sound as if I can do it with compositing nodes, but I can’t work out how. Can someone give me some hints - or maybe there’s a tutorial out there?

Splicing Video Sequences using Nodes

I’d suggest using the video sequence editor (VSE) for that taks.

Thanks. I missed that part of the manual somehow.

Yeah the VSE does camera switching as a function of the scene strip’s properties. If you can playback OpenGL renders then you can preview the switching in realtime.

I have used the VSE before, but I found it very awkward to use. Lack of practice, probably.

shumphries, maybe this introduction helps a little:

GottfriedHofmann, thanks for the reference at the tutorial man. Good work BTW.