Can I use Cycles X in Blender 3.2?

Hi! Is it possible to use Cycles X in the Blender version 3.2.1? If yes, how to choose it to be the one to be used when rendering?

It’s already in there, the 3.2 version is using Cycles X and the old one as been removed.
That’s why a few parameters are different, like the tile size which need to be bigger now.

I hope that’s a good news for you :smiley:


Thank you! When clicking on the Render Properties; these are the only three that appear: Eevee, workbench and Cycles. There is no text reading Cycles X

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Yes it’s confusing especially because Eevee and Eevee next are two different things.

With Cycles the name is kept and Cycles X is just a codename implying a major rewrite, but because the functionalities are very similar they made the transition transparent in the interface.

Looks like the switch as been done in Version 3.0 !


I wonder how much is the default Resolution Scale in Blender 3.2.1? I looked it up but found no answer

not sure to understand your question …

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:smiley: ok , it’s 1, you can load factory settings to get the answer !


Thanks for the tip! :smile:

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