Can i use DRot to change direction

I have a ball (rigid body on) and i need to be able to control the ball in a way that
pressing left-right changes the balls direction?:smiley:

Yes you can, this avery simple concept within in the GE.

  1. setup sensor with key contol.
  2. add a controller(for something like this i would use the and one)
  3. Make motion actuator.
  4. Next to Drot you will see a lot of numbers all of wich are 0, change the number for the aproppriate axis.

That should make it work.

P.S. It may not appear to be spinning when it really is to see if it actualy is simply check in wireframe mode.

I have put a .blend file here to see if anybody help as i need the camera to track the ball but i can not find a way!

I need a camera to track the ball moving to see it from the back all the time

You need to parent the camera to one vertex of the ball:

Its at the bottom of the page:

You may also find this tutorial helpful for setting up your camera:

But isn’t that for side scroller games?

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You can use vertex parenting in anything. It doesn’t need to be a side scroller. Normal parenting would make your camera spin around the ball.

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But vertex parenting does not take any notice of rot does it?