Can I use nodes for HDR photo Tonemapping ?

I thought that I could composite an exposure sequence to produce a tone mapped HDR 8bit image. Apart from using blur masks of high con sources, what overlay types would allow me to add a range of images together, while increasing in brightness?

Has anyone been doing this with Blender?

I have tried mixing normal exposure with bright by way of 0.6 Overlay node. Then the result is mixed with under exposure by Darken node at 0.6.

But the results suck. I know all this can be done with image stacker etc. but I wanted to see if Blender could manage it easily or not.

Here are 1. a screen of nodes 2. result 3. original exposure.


Oh and there are bad registration issues (no tripod), I thought that this image would have a wide range with burn out screens etc. I used 3 image bracket -+ 2ev from original.

Off hand I can’t think of anything thats better than what you’re doing. If you’re just using the images for an environment map, then it shouldn’t matter as much as the rendered result. Even in Photoshop (which doesn’t allow an HDR creation unless it senses certain exposures), I just contrast the images until I achieve various exposures. Then save as an HDR. I usually don’t have to worry about a beautiful tweakable version because I just use it as an environment- so I blow the high ends where I need extra data. So I guess it also depends what you’re using it for…

What I should have called this thread was “How do I tone map in Blender”? sorry. Thanks tho’.