Can I use OpenCL on an Nvidia 560ti to render in Blender?

Olá amigos! I already know that CUDA on this card only goes up to version 2.1 and needed it to be 3.0 to run Blender 2.8x on it … (I tested it and it worked with Blender 2.79b. The 560ti was an interesting card.)

This GPU is already outdated (I got it from my friend’s donation and it made a nice match with my Ryzen 5 3400G machine.)

If it were possible to run OpenCL with it, then it would be possible to use Eevee, Cycles, LuxCore … Is there any way to enable OpenCL for Blender on this video card?

You used to be able to enable OpenCL on Nvidia by setting the environment variable:


Whether that still works in 2.8, I don’t know. Try it.
You can edit your environment variables here:
Control Panel->System and Security->System->Advanced System Settings->Advanced->Environment Variables

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Dear Piotr
I swear I tried hard to try and understand this procedure myself. But I can’t understand where to insert this line.

When accessing the system variable editing menu, I don’t know if I should add a New one or edit an existing one. The format of the answers I see as paths to directories, I do not see in any field an assignment operator = 1 like the one that you guided me to do.


What is your operating system?

Have you asked in Luxcore forum if your card is supported for new Luxcore (OpenCL or CUDA)?

You should add a new one. Doesn’t really matter if it’s in user variables or system variables. :slight_smile:

However, don’t get your hopes up too much:
It will take a long time to compile the first time you run it. Unless you have at least 16GB of system ram, there’s a good chance it will simply run out of memory and either start swapping to the hard drive, or just crash. Even if you manage to compile it, there’s a good chance the 560ti simply won’t have enough memory to fit the Cycles kernel and still do useful work. And even if you manage to make it work, there’s a good chance your 560ti won’t be any faster than your CPU.


I have dual-boot with Windows 10 20H1 and Ubuntu 20.04. I have a preference for Linux but most of the time I do everything on Windows in my day-to-day … yet I have the skills for either.

About LuxCore, I will ask this on their forum. :grin:

Piotr, I have 20GB of system RAM so I believe this compilation would be possible … although it won’t be worth it.

However, I have a question.

I rendered a small animation on Eevee, meanwhile my process manager shows that the Nvidia 560ti received a workload in the meantime!

What is the meaning of this? Is the GPU in use, even if OpenCL and CUDA do not work?

In Ubuntu if you have nvidia driver installed, you open the terminal where you have “blender” binary file and you there execute:

About Eevee, it uses OpenGL so it uses your GPU. Out of vRAM in Eevee means excessively high render times. You probably can’t use that graphics card with any render engine in scenes that aren’t too simple.

Eevee always renders on GPU - using plain old OpenGL.

Thanks for the answers and help. I decided to remove the card from my computer, because it was giving me more problems than solutions. Let’s see if I can buy an RTX this year!