can i use speech recognition to simulate events that occurs for key mapping ?

HI , i would like apply speech recognition to my game , from the tutorial i can see that , every character is disturbed only with key events(events arising by pressing keys ) is there a way to simulate the event , without pressing the key ,in code .

a property can be edited by python, you could change the property to trigger the event

Triggered event timer and reset this is 10 frames, but the animation / action length determines your logic for loop length :slight_smile:

property =1 --------------and-------------Do Event
if property <1 while >10 —and------------Add 1 to Property
if property =11----------------------------property=0

So you use python to run your speech recognition,

if word = whatever then obj[‘Property’] = <value> //Set the value of the property once

I don’t know how to have one python script edit an external script and vice verse, but I am a newberry crunch and I know it is possible,