Can I use the shoe last technique with modifiers or constraints in Blender?

I want to use the shoe last technique used in shoe making in Blender.
Please see the picture below.

Curved plates and spheres overlap.
The curved plate is like shoe last, and I want to sculpt the sphere.
The specific features of the technique are as follows.

  1. When the mesh of the sphere is outside the curved plate, free sculpting should be possible.
  2. If the mesh of the sphere digs into the inside of the curved plate, the movement of the vertices is limited.
  3. This is similar to the shrikwrap modifier, floor constraint or limit location constraint.
  4. But it’s not about the transformation of the object, it’s about the interaction between meshes.

Can I model or sculpt in the same way as above in Blender?

So, Why don’t you use Shrinkwrap modifier ?
You just have to set its snap mode to Outside.
Then, its effect will be visible in Edit mode or Sculpt Mode.

Yes. Let me explain why.

The Shrinkwrap modifier makes all vertices flat. In other words, if you sculpt in that state, the sphere remains flat.

Removing the Shrikwrap modifier allows for free engraving, but the curved plate loses the functionality of the shoe last.

That is not expected behavior.
Normals of curved plate mesh are probably inverted.
If you recalculate them or use Inside snap mode instead of Outside, it should work.

Oh, the foot of the candle is dark.

I wasn’t really understanding the Shrinkwrap modifier’s Outside option, and I was impressed by your insights that predicted the normal flipped.
Thanks for the help.