Can i use the 'snap to surface' via python? (NOOB alert!!!)

I am completely new to python in blender, so be sure to talk slowly an use short words if you choose to help me… :o

I want to grab a selection of verts and snap them to the nearest surface.
How can this be done in python?
(I know how to translate the verts, but not how to snap them.)

(You can skip this part)
The motivation for this is the following:
When i retopo a highres sculpt i often make loopcuts, gridfill and/or smooth the verts.
These operations doesn’t respekt the ‘snap during transform’ feature, so i need to grab the verts (to make them snap) and confirm afterwards.
Would be nice if i could automate this somehow.

Any help will be appreciated!
Thx in advance,

simple answer: no. You basically need to implement that snapping feature yourself in python, but it wouldn’t perform well. But that’s probably above your head.

I wonder if you could just turn on vertex mode and so a translation of 0 to make vertices snap to surface, I believe that’s a common workaround.

Thank you! Will try this out.
Had no intention of recoding the snapping feature anyway. As you said “…above my head…” :yes: