Can I use UE5's Rendering Engine?

Can I use UE5’s Rendering Engine? I have it installed on my system, and it gives better results than Eevee.

Why don’t you simply use UE5 ?

No I want to model and get results without killing my 16 Gigs of RAM, I don’t need rest of the engine just the rendering part, I want a Minecraft Optifine like thing where you can plug in a rendering engine, called a shader, like the BSL Shader is Eevee, while SEUS PTGI Shaders is like Cycles. I just want to plug it in like that and with the Minecraft Example, you can look at the shader’s code and modify it to mess up the game.

Unfortunatelty, you cannot. For one thing, the licenses don’t allow it. Second, the render program is too tightly integrated into Unreal Engine.

So, Can I just export it there for the Final Render

of course you can !

blender <—> UE5

modeling in blender and displaying in UE5 is pretty straightforward.
You can also consider U3D as a realtime render. It is what i use for my project

I know very few things about UE5 but for the unity part, all imports are fully scriptable in C#, allowing you to make intelligent import of you models, materials, rigs, animations, etc…

EDIT: if you intend to make still render ( eg 1 picture ) i think cycles will be what you need. UE5 or unity are render engines aiming at realtime rendering.

Is their anything specific, I need to do before/while exporting to UE5, Is their a tutorial so I don’t make some stupid mistake and spend hours solving that (Has happened to me)

I guess you can find many tuts on youtube and on the UE5 website.

what i imagine is that you save your blender to an .fbx file and directly import it in UE5.

for unity3D, you jeus save your file as a .blend and unity3D at the import stage runs blender in background with a python script ( that you can modify at your convenience ) to automatically convert your file to an fbx and then import it in the game engine.

and voilà.

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