Can i view texture image while modeling?

I have a floor and have added a photo texture of a floorplan to it. I would like to see the floorplan on the floor object while I build the walls, etc. In the attached JPG, you can see that the texture photo has been applied and it shows in the Blender Render, but I can’t get it to show in Cycles or while modeling in the 3D view.

I must be missing something obvious, but can’t find out what. I’m attaching a screen shot and the .blend file.

Thanks for any clues.


floorplan.blend (443 KB)

When I downloaded your file, the image wasn’t packed.
I loaded my own image, switched the Viewport display mode to Textured and it didnt’ show up.
Select plane, switch UI view to UV Editing and looked at the UV map. The image wasn’t selected, so after I loaded a new image off my drive and selected it show it showed up under the UVs in the UV editor, it then shows up in Texture mode. now you can model with the texture on.

Thanks VERY much, Sonofwitz. That is what I didn’t understand - that the image has to be applied in the UV editor. It’s working now.

sweetness! glad to help.