Can issues come up?

Right now i am making a map (a big one) and i am wondering if i use many materiials,any framerate impact at all?
Another question is textures, if use many textures,and use a culling system …will there be a big framerate change?
I am not sensing any changes because of my PC, but others will so i really need some advices/


I have just tested it: 400 Cubes on the Screen with 16 Point Lights: ~100 fps
All Cubes had just one Material.
Then I made Single Copies of the Materials until the basic Material was used by »only« 300 Cubes anymore: <90 fps
After I joined them all (the Amount of Materials was still the same), I had a slight Increase, >90 fps.

I don’t think that materials don’t hurt the FPS very much. Your main FPS optimizations in a static scene would be to join objects together as much as possible (which, obviously, would make frustum culling more useless on a larger, joined object).

thanks for answers,its good to know tthe impact is not that big