Can it be done???

Making an interface so simple, a ten year old could master 3d?

I have a dream…:cool:

Seriously, with good standardization and tooltips (not to mention UI in general), how hard does any program have to be?!:confused:

SketchUp. My 9-year-old sister can use it (although it has some quirks).


I think that should be our goal—K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid! :p)

I was going to say something else…drat :frowning:

Another UI thread? Why?

(And why or who would want to make a 10 year old a master in 3D?)

it’s the same principle as giving crayons to a kid. A kid can use it but unless he is a genius he wont be able to use them correctly to create a masterpiece. you have to learn how to use them correctly and the result comme with hard earned effort

Everything in life shouldnt be easy. And the blender interface is FINE. stop askin for changes for this and that. Take the time to learn it. Period

editand still, changing the interface will always end up with something complex since blender is a complex program with a billion different effects and such. I still dont see how simpler it can get. yeah, sketchup is simple but it’s because its a simple program with only the basic of modeling and such. It’s easy to make a simple interface for a simple program. Its near-impossible to make a very simple interface for a complex program such as blender.

i don’t think, that we need 10 years old 3d masters, which make some pokemons with blender :smiley:

Another UI thread? Why?

(And why or who would want to make a 10 year old a master in 3D?)

Ugh. I was just making a point.

Which is: Just how simple can an advanced program like this be made?

please, stop making new threads about the UI discussion of blender.


Yes i agree, i will lock any new ones that i see too.

Go to if you are really serious about Blender UI changes, and design some mockups, don’t just chat about things.