can keyed objects interact with rigid bodies?

I want to animate a beer bottle being knocked over. I tried to key an object to strike the bottle but I can’t then get the (rigid body) bottle to interact.

Any ideas?


beerbottle_09.blend (378 KB)

I had a similar problem with getting a coin rolling. What I ended up doing was to make a keyboard triggered activator (not sure if that is the correct term). Once setup, you simply press the P-Key to start the simulation then press the space bar (or whatever key you choose to map) to send an initial jolt of velocity to the target object. Record your simulation to keyframes and simply throw away the dead space at the start of the sim.

Here is a quick example: Press P-Key to start the simulation. Then press the SPACE bar and quickly release. The cube will jump a bit. Once it hits a sphere, they roll. You can record keyframes if you like.


keyboard_activated_simulation.blend (358 KB)

can keyed objects interact with rigid bodies?

Yes. See this earlier thread
To knock your bottle over you could just apply a force to your rigid body sphere so it hits the bottle and knocks it over rather than any keyframe.

Ahhhhhhh, thank you 2 so much for your help.

So in conclusion for anyone looking at this thread who, like me, didn’t know the game engine yet: to use an f-curve/ ipo animated object with rigid body (bullet) physics in 2.53, you must use the game engine, i.e. you must run the f-curve from within the game engine by using a game engine actuator to control it.

Attached is a modified version of Richard’s blend of a train car hitting a block wall [with the game logic showing, physics switched to 30 fps and the train run up and back down the hill.]

Interesting to note -> if you animate the train too fast at 30 fps it can run right through the wall between frames sometimes and not be sensed. What is fascinating is that there must be some built in variability because it doesn’t happen all the time.