can metadata be stored and retrieved for each vertex and face in the database?

I want to tag vertices and faces with strings and then process the mesh within blender and with external software by reference to the string value. The tags would have to survive a save/reload cycle.

The purpose is so I can generate a base mesh using parametric equations, make arbitrary edits with the GUI in Blender, and then use external software to make more manipulations to a subset of the mesh-- selecting the elements to be processed by their name.

I have seen code to walk the datastructure like this:
vertices = selObject.getData().verts
and then in a loop
for v in vertices:
the various members of v can be accessed.

Can I add another field to that structure, or is there a spare that can be used?

Perhaps there is a better way to parametrically manipulate a mesh that will also be edited by hand?


Your example looks like OLD Blender 2.49 … but Blender will soon be 2.63 …(2.62 available already) …

(small dea: vertexgroups can be selected and can get YOUR names …)