Can mouselook be integrated into the GameEngine?

As a Mac user, I often download files rendered useless to me by the sporadic mouselook scripts people use. I don’t think most of them know that it doesn’t work for everyone. The scripts that function on Macs are usually glitchy and skip or jerk around. I’ve always been curious if a mouselook logicbrick solution is a possibility, so that there would be a uniform solution across the different platforms.

Has this ever been looked into, or are we just out of luck when it comes to this situation?

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Yea, mac seems to be a problem area for some script functions.

Look for scabootscas’ “bullet by bullet” PSP contest entry. I think the mouslook setup in that .blend should work on mac.

make sure you select enable all frames won’t fix everything but some times the skip around issue will be helped.

Ok well, I’m not sure if the one from my psp thing works with mac. So heres one I made for macs.

That actually works pretty good. Is it Mac only? I’m curious how it compares to the other mouselook scripts people use. I saw you had a slightly different setup in your gravity gun demo, which doesn’t work as well for me.


Everything that works on mac should by default work on Windows and *nix.

This set up is ok, but it doesn’t carry the smooth action that many are used to . Im sure scaboots could set something up though.

Anyway, I think I know what your going for here. You basically want a mouselook set up that everyone will use just so you can play everything on mac without problems. Right?

If so, you are going about it the wrong way. Instead of trying to make others use some specific set up, you should try to get in contact with people who are in charge of the mac port, and ask them to fix the initiall bug at the core.

Actually I think doing that might be easier than making everyone use a specific setup (although not by much)

well the stupid bug that don’t work on mac is ‘.setMousePosition()’ which sucks.

and the one up there^ works on all Os’s but it has some restrictions… like you can only move in a direction a certain amount until the mouse hits the edge of the screen then it stops… Which sucks

but i dont have a mac so i cant really help in fixing the bug. I hope it gets fixed soon

and the code in my gravity gun thing uses the mouselook one with the bug but it moves way better than the mac one and dont have the look restrictions and was for me so thats what i used