i don’t know if u people have noticed it oflate or not that i’m not being around here for a quite sometime.the reason is that i am currently doing an advanced diploma course in multimedia (the certificate does not matter anyway)…which covers max and maya in-depth including combustion etc.currently i am running midway in max…and you guess it right…I MISS BLENDER SOOOOOOOO MUCH.though i do blending in weekends when i visit home to finish off manuel’s MakeManga base model.if you have visited his site ( you must have noticed the updated model’s pics.after finishing the manga base model i don’t know whether i will start anything new in blender or not.because right now i am too busy in learning max and the time is very doubt max is a great software…but still poly-modelling (mesh that is) in blender is much much faster, though it lacks some real great features like edge champhering and 5 or more vertices faces (polygon in max).currently i am modelling a ferrari enzo sports-car in max (a little too soon) and wish to show it to you all when finished.of many things one feature that fascinates me in max is that its ‘autokey’ tool.when turned on you can virtually animate anything in the scene…like moving vertices of an object in different frames and the result is animated tough things like RVKs (i never quite understood them).i think blender can learn a thing or two from these packages (max and maya)…to become a full-fledged professional 3d-software.i know its on its way towards that goal…slowly but surely…and will reach it before my hair starts to gray out.I CAN NEVER THANK BLENDER ENOUGH…OH I MISS YOU LIKE A LONESOME LOVER!!! :expressionless:

Hey kos! Have fun with your 3d “book” learnin’. I have been down that road of learning new software. I will be doing that myself again later on this year with a few new 3d apps and lots of code learning.

Don’t get out of the Blender loop completely though, Blenders too cool to totally disconnect from especially now.

Have fun!

Good for you.

Please change the title. All caps is annoying.


I had to learn 3Ds Max in 5 months to make a 10 second character animation. I ended up using blender to make the models and Max was used just for the animation and rendering.

Blender is so much more user friendly for modelling.

I hope you learn Max better and faster than I did.

I’d also be sad if I had to leave blender, it’s a great little program, better then what most big budget software looks like