Can no longer move individual vertexes or edges after UV editing

Sorry - I’m new at this.

I was happily editing vertexes, then went into UV editing, and edited my UV’s. Everything worked great. I went back to the default view, and now I can no longer move vertexes. It looks like it’s still trying to edit UV’s (ie, I select vertexes and it highlights the faces, or if I select only one, it shows a gradient line from the vertex to it’s neighbors).

I go in and out of object mode (into edit mode), make sure vertex edit is selected, but nothing changes. How do I get back to regular editing?

Another answer to my own question. Somehow I had gotten into “proportional editing mode” and this had seriously messed things up. Disabling it at the bottom makes everything work again.

snapping is the same way… you turn it on in one window, blender turns it on in all windows. You just got to keep it in mind.