can not add to group because dependency cycle detected

I am trying to add all of these different Cylinders to a car mesh to make a axle, but when i try adding them to my group they error out with “can not add to group because dependency cycle detected”. I am also linking the car to a different file as well as tires from a separate file to the car file to run the animation. I have done my research and spent lots of time Google searching this and know what the problem is but never got an answer on how to fix it.

A dependency cycle means two things are dependent on each other somehow. An simple example is constraining two objects to each other. Cyclic dependencies can range from harmless to scene-breaking depending on exactly what data you’re looping. Check the console or the info header, there should be more information on what is going wrong.

Maybe you saw my reply here from a week or so ago in your search. If not…

This is a bug fixed for next release:

Last followup in report:
Date: 2013-08-26 17:22
Sender: Sergey Sharybin
This issue has been already fixed in svn rev59002. Thanks for the report anyway.

Blender 2.68a is r58537. Only workaround for this issue is no duplicates in group from a single linked file.

Or upgrade to 2.69 RC3.

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