Can not launch blender 2.8 anymore

Hello. Few months ago i was able to run blender 2.8. But now after reinstalling windows when I launch blender 2.8 on my pc i get black screen. Seems like video card or video drivers issue. I have pretty old video card but it supporting OpenGL 3.3 here is from


renderer:	'ATI Radeon HD 4770'
vendor:		'ATI Technologies Inc.'
version:	'3.3.11672 Compatibility Profile Context'

And it seems i have up to date drivers for my videocard.
Any ideas?

Did you remember to reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013?

omg i’ve had a 7970 sitting on a shelf for about 5 years…gathering dust. Perhaps i could send it to you for cost of postage… but your system would have to be able to power the beast.

if you look for a used modern day equivalent to your card, (it should cost next to nothing) but you would save money on your electricity bill because it would be very low power relative to yours.

i also have 16GB of DDR3 1600mhz memory in a draw for over a year. Because when i listed it for sale nobody was interested… ah well you can’t even give things away these days.

Thanks for replies guys. After some deeper researches it become obvious that only option to work in blender 2.8 for me is to upgrade my video card. Special thank to Thesonofhendrix for your suggestion and helping me to figure out that even such powerfull video card like HD7970 with 3gb gddr5 is not supported anymore by Blender Cycles cause it’s architecture. So only option to be able to work with blender 2.8 is to have\buy more or less modern videocard. Hope this will helps to someone.

The card is specified to have:

API Supported: DirectCompute, DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.2

So it should run. Be sure to use working drivers - latest are not always the best with older HW (AMD or NVidia).

Well maybe you are right. Before i reinstalled windows i managed to launch 2.8 but now i can’t, and yes, i have installed latest drivers for my video card from AMD site. Not sure how i can check what drivers to download to make this video card work with blender 2.8 untill i will upgrade my PC. :frowning:

In such case i usually start with drivers that were released (with fixes) at the time when the card was at its best & before the new generation came out.

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I will try to mess up with drivers if will get any luck to launch blender i will write here! Thank you for reply!