Can NURBS be capped?

Let’s say I modeled a sailboat hull with NURBS as done in this tutorial: Look at the last two screenshots. As you can see the end of the hull is left open - it needs some sort of cap. What would be the best way to achieve that in Blender? Perhaps its possible to attach the verticies of a mesh onto the end?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

if you just need a cap that looks good visually, you could add a bezier curve and sculpt it to fit the space as closely as possibly (converting the two extreme nodes to “free handles” to get the sharp corners) then C to close the curve which will auto-fill.

if you convert the hull to a mesh, move the 3d cursor to A, select all the end points of the hull and scale to zero (pivot set to 3d cursor). remove doubles


Thanks for the reply, steeve. I’ll probably use your manually fitted curve suggestion. It would be nice if I could somehow weld the curve onto the NURBS so that it would stay exact even if the hull was tweaked later - oh well. Thanks!

yes it is a bit mickey mouse, but i don’t know anyway way to cap it in an “watertight” way. not to say there isn’t a solution out there!