Can nvidia tesla for blender cycles?

Hi, some time ago nvidia launched a new tesla card, i know tesla has some advantages, among them acceleration from processing cuda and etc. Sorry if my knowledge is lacking, i want to know what if the tesla card is used to do cycles render? I know intel xeon phi is almost same as tesla, but xeon phi is not suitable for cycles, thanks

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Teslas will render Blender scenes just fine. Though for just rendering, you might not see much of an advantage since the Tesla’s main benefit is its ability to do double-precision floating point numbers quickly (Blender only uses single precision).

Teslas are quite different from Xeon Phi, they just target the same market. NVIDIA uses the same GPU chip design for three different product families:

Geforce (Gaming)
Quadro (Professional Graphics)
Tesla (Datacenter/Compute-Only)

All of them work with Cycles and for that purpose, the only difference is that Quadro/Tesla are much more expensive, but they also have more RAM.

Xeon Phi are specialized (non-GPU) parallel accelerators, they don’t support graphics like GPUs do. Xeon Phis do support OpenCL though, so in theory they should work with Cycles as well. Nobody has worked on this, so far.

In general, neither Xeon Phi nor Tesla offer any advantage for Cycles that justifies their high price. Buy a gaming GPU (Geforce) or buy CPUs.

So choose geforce rather than tesla for blender, ok thanks,