Can Objects Made using Sapling addon be used in a Commercial Project?

I recently tried out the sapling addon for blender, and it does an incredible job generating a wide variety of realistic trees and has saved me many many hours of work. My question is whether I can use the objects for a commercial project since they are made using a software thats part of the blender package, or if the addon is owned by someone else

IF i can use these trees, is it generally frowned upon to use the quick and easy method of the sapling addon, or is it fairly common to use these methods in indie game development?

Thanks for any advice guys, i really appreciate it!

-Andrew V.

Sapling is licensed under the GPL, the same as Blender. Therefore, whatever you can do with the output of Blender, you can also do with the output of Sapling.

It’s not what you create that’s restricted, it’s the code itself.