Can of Fash. UPDATE: Bottom of pg. 1

This is my first WIP in these forums. In a story a few friends and I are making, (and hopefully if everything comes out right it will be an animation…) there is a food called FASH. (Think spam, but with gravy, or beef…) So I decided to make a test render of a can of fash. I now use it as a wall paper (lol). There are 3 versions. The one I like best is the low poly one. My friend like the last one, (“Its more realistic” he said) and an image of the last one with a mirror for a background (to show the bar code in the back). Could you tell me which one you liked best, and how I could improve? P.S. I know already that the last one has a problem in the lid, and I hope to fix that. And maybe add the waves on the lid like on most canned foods…
Any ways, here are the images…

EDIT: By me in the future (OOOOOOH!) some of these were embarassing, lol!

P.S.S. Id rather work on the first one, the other two were just mainly tests, so I’d prefer comments and critisism on the first one.
Oh, and a good way to model a circular top, if anybody knows of one…

Heh…for some reason it reminds me of that classic movie The Stuff. “Are you eating it, or is it eating you?!”:stuck_out_tongue:

To add a circle: in top view, Space->Add->Mesh->Circle->Vertices:16 (or however many you’d like, use more for smoother edges). With all vertices selected, press E followed by S, hold the Control key and scale down to zero. In editbuttons, press “Rem Doubles.” In side view, select all vertices, zoom in close, press E and bring them down the least you can (this will give the lid some depth, since nothing in real life is completely flat). Enjoy.


P.S. For the ridges on the lid, I’d use a wood ring texture and apply it to the Nor channel (and not the Col channel).

Well, I’m a newbie … but what the heck. Here’s a “lid” I created by squishing a UV Sphere then selecting rings of vertices in edit mode and extruding them (side view) along the Z axis. I then set subsurf level 1 (render level 1) and played with the materials/textures to get something that looked sort of like metal.

I know it’s not that good … and I’m sure there are a hundred guys that can tell you a way better way to model the lid … but maybe this will get you started. :smiley:

Ok, Ive been working on it awhile, and used Raseri’s technique to make the can lid. The current version is better than the others, but I think I will redo the angle of the table. All the materials (besides the can label) are procedural.
P.S. Are there any ways to make the wood texture more random, so it doesn’t seem the same on ALL of the planks? Thanks in advance. And, as always, C&C is welcome…

I’m very far from an expert but try layering some procedurals. Maybe add a cloud texture and fiddle with it till you get some slightly more random things.

Looking good! Just a few questions: why is the lid so thin in comparison to the can? Also, on most canned foods, are’nt the rings mostly on the rim of the lid not in the center?