Can one have independent IPO curves for every texture associated with a material?

I am working on a flag using Cog’s tutorial ( I took it a bit further and ran into some snags: I cannot find a way to see separate IPO curves for each texture mapping associated with a material (i.e. not the texture IPO curve).

In other words, using Cog’s example, if I have the following textures:

  • A flag image
  • A flag blend texture as a stencil to control the displacement value along the length of the flag
  • A wood texture to simulate the wavy displacement of the flag

I set up a material IPO curve to vary the offset of X and Y of the wood texture only - without impacting the other textures.

  • If I do it, I see the same IPO curves on all 3 texures in the materials view (F5). (Edit: what I mean here is that, when I select a texture in the materials view, the curve in the IPO view stays the same for every selected texture)
  • Next Q: I did not originally set the curve’s handles to be Vectors, i.e. not to have smoot gradients which cause the “speed” of the wind to pick up slowly and gradually go down towards the end of the anim. I think I may accidentally have been on an incorrect texture when I tried to change the handle to Vector: it now shows a vector (i.e. straight slope), but still animates gradually in and out…Problem is: I have no way of uniquely selecting a texture’s material mappings and adjusting the IPO curve because it shows the same IPO curve for all textures.

Am I misunderstanding something?


For whoever encounters the problem in future, I found the solution in BlenderWiki: “If you are in a Material, Lamp or World Ipo Block then a small Number field appears next to the IPO type Menu in the IPO Window toolbar. This indicates which texture channel is active. The mapping for all 8 channels can be controlled with Ipo Curves.”

Hi AnyMation,

You managed to find the answer before I had a chance to reply. Blender can be annoying sometimes but I find it easier than any of the big competitors. Anyway, you will forge ahead now with that new info. Good luck.


Am i missing something? No matter what channel number i put into that text field i always see the same curves for all the textures. :confused:

I’m using Blender v2.45 on Windows if that makes any difference.