Can only scale region size from an action zone? What is this error?

I just experienced this error when I’m trying to export my key configuration moment ago.

I’m feeling lucky that it doesn’t happen in my main window, it only occurs in the preference window when I try to export my key config.

This error prevents me from resizing any region inside the window, but I can still resize the actual window.

If anyone knows anything about this, I would like to have my preference window return to normal asap.


Found a solution in a post in Polycount.

Go into the file and delete the entire ‘# Map Screen Editing’ section kinda solved the issue.

Thanks, that’s really works! Awesome!

Hei Tea crab i facing the same problem,
And i am new in blender

but Don’t know how the directory file and those is located, can you show me where is it, Thank you.