can particle have a shape?


Im trying different things to create quickly trees. Is there any possibility to create leaves with particles? Static particles are good for needles (like pine or spruce), but useless when creating ordinary leaves. Strands option looked promissing first, but after some testing i’m a bit dissapointed. Adding 0.900 round shape with start and end both 1 pix didn’t have any effect. I hoped it would look more like this () . i think there’s not much difference, if you use the shape key at all, or not. It has some rounding effect, but a bit too weak. So it came to mind that if i could give particles some kind of given shape, it would do the trick. Or is there any better way to do this?

p.s. i’m useing lparser and it’s almost perfect, but . . . :wink:

You could try using dupliverts. just parent the particles to a leaf object, and make the particles static. each particle witll become one leaf…contact me if this deosnt work, good luck!

yes, you can texture a particle to look correctly as a leaf, however it will always face the camera directly. As in, it will look the same from the top, or side, or [worse] the end. This may be tolerable in a still [or if you’re using particles for several leaves instead of individual ones], but not if the camera is moving and is close enough to see the leaves rotate around their length if the camera nearly looks along their length [it’s really weird looking, I hope I described it well enough].

Thanks a lot.
This dupliverting sounds interesting, but i know nothing about dups. How do i use them?
If i have triangular leaves created by lparser, how can i give all of them the same leaftexture?
I’ve been away from blender for some time and need to get on the line again, sorry about my ignorance :o.

This dupliverting sounds interesting, but i know nothing about dups. How do i use them?

The mesh (/object?) you want to dup, just parent it to the emitter mesh. Then chose DupliVerts in the animation buttons.

To cut down on polys, you could use a plane with a leaf texture that has the background alpha mapped out. That would make it 4 verts per leaf. Plus, it’d probably look better, if you could get a good looking leaf. Then do the dupliverting thing as mentioned above and you’ve got a tree!