can particles be made true objects?


I want to make some FX for my game, like fire, magic, etc…and I was wondering if there is anyway to make particles(object particles that is), into real objects keeping their animation and positions?
From what I observed they are not “true” objects, so they can’t be exported as such.

The reason being is because I need to export the animated objects so I can then import it into my game(nothing to do with the blender game engine). Is there any way to make them objects? or any other shortcut ways besides animating them all individuall? :expressionless:

you don’t want to do that

so, if you have an object child of the particle emitter and you press the dupliverts button in the object buttons the emitter would emit that other object

but you can’t get the position of particles

now, you also shouldn’t want to, particularly for a game because this can be calculated [collision is a bit harder, but that isn’t introduced until 2.34] at runtime with less of a cpu hit and less of a memory hit, and allowing more flexibility