can particles move relative to the emitter?


What i try to accomplish is this: an airplane is flying through a scene, and the enging is exploding. What i want is that the particles from the explosion move according to the airplane, and the enginge, so that it does not look as the following:

I realize that i could possible move the whole scene instead of the plane, in this case, but what if i have several aircrafts?

thanks in advance

Under the particle motion tab, there’s an “Object” value that lets the speed of the object give the particles a starting speed.

But that does not produce the effect that i want, i.e. it is not the same thing as if the airplane/emitter is stationary. Imagine a space battle (or whatever) where every space ship could be stationary, according to itself (then the particles would be evenly sent out etc), but moving according to the other space ships… if you want, i can make a quick scene to illustrate later when i have some more time.


I made a very similar scene two years ago.

Here is the movie in Windows Media Video format:

15.068 MB - 1min10s.

You have to use several small emitters and make them emitting at 60 degrees or 90 degrees from the airplane engine, not in the axis of the plane.

Put the emitters close to the outer surface of the plane, and play with the X, Y and Z force parameter too.

Hope this will be helpful…


Hmm, seems to be a bug in 2.41 perhaps???
or something changed that I am not aware of.

One work around is to activate ‘Static’ on the Particle emitter temporarily to allow you to move the parented Object.

Or maybe do the parenting after you’ve got the desired object keys inserted.

It seems that you can still add keys in the IPO Curve Editor window to create the movement, but of course, this doesn’t allow for an easy method for placement.


Is it an answer for Hiower, or to my question in an other topic? :-?

Difficult to know!


Ahm Whoops :expressionless:

Actually, I guess I was reading a previous question from rvb Tucker in the Question forum and thought this was the same issue.

I guess hiower is looking for a way to have the particles flow around the aircraft instead of directly through it; like the solution you provided.

Sorry about that, I should read more carefully.

No Problem! I was just not sure! :wink: