Can Photoshop plugins be used in Gimp?

I’m mainly after using this plugin in Gimp if at all possible.

Has anyone managed to use this in Gimp?


Hi, only simple plugins (8bf iirc)can used in gimp.
I would go for ShaderMap Pro, cost 39 $ but it is a standalone software.
Pixelplant is 195 $!
Shadermap is working in linux with wine.

Cheers, mib.


As mib2berlin stated, it’s possible to run some of the plug-ins, and indeed only 8bf are supported. Plus you need to install the PSPI plug-in for GIMP. PixPlant is a 8bf plug-in, but it also required DirectX, as far as I can see, and there could be a problem with that on Linux (don’t know which system you use).

Thanks for the information guys. You’ve helped me out, I’m in a better position to make the right decision now.