can procedural textures show in GLSL?

Procedural texture = any of the pre-loaded textures in blender. Such as, wood, clouds, voronoi, etc.

specifically, i want to be able to do this to see normal/bump mapping in GLSL, but it just doesn’t show. Am i missing something?

It seems odd to me that you can UV any old .jpg and turn on normals and have it appear in GLSL, but the textures that are build into blender can’t.

Like it or not GLSL textured view only shows image textures not procedural ones. You’ll have to bake the procedural texture to an image.

Gotcha. Thanks Richard.

How can i bake the procedural texture to an image? Is there a tutorial or documentation anybody can point me to?

Very simple, just unwrap your object (edit mode>select all>U key), open the image editor and create a new image. Then in the render panel scroll all the way down to the bake menu, change the drop down to texture, and click bake. All done!