Can Python access VSE?

I have no clue about scripting but have an idea to try out, please let me know if any of these steps are impossible.

Auto generate a “Composite Node scene” from a clip(video strip) in the VSE and return that scene to the VSE as a strip. It may require Proxy generation of clip from source strip/strips.

I would hope that this could achieve a psuedo porting of Nodes to VSE. At the moment a user must precut a sequence of shots then render them out to the required length or take lots of notes about start frame and duration of clip in use. I want to circumvent that by somehow sending the clip across to nodes.

Possible process:

  1. Add shots to a VSE timeline and trim to size.
  2. Select a shot (or shots) and execute a Node send script.
  3. Script then renders a Proxy version of clip (or clips group) with name variable to a special node render folder.
  4. Script spawns a new scene with Name variable and sets-up a comp node (possibly from a range of ‘preset node types’ for different work), where scene outputs Compositor only.
  5. Script imports (defines) the proxy as a source for the Nodes scene.
  6. Script then creates a scene strip (from newly created Name variable scene) above the original clip/clips.

My experience of Python shows that it has most use in 3D generation. Can it be harnesed for other areas of Blender like this?

PS. Sorry for being so ignorant of this stuff.

Can’t add, etc new nodes with python yet.

could i append an external scene?

In theory: Yes

In actual practice: Maybe

It isn’t easy to say what works and what doesn’t in the py-api until someone actually tries to do something with it.

Like the nodes thing, they should work but currently don’t.