can python do realtime springs ?

I was just wondering if python can do realtime spring systems like interactive flash animations.

among others.

python can scale objects and stuff

so, do you mean for gameblender or for not?

[either way it is possible, hasn’t been done much, and you’d go at it slightly differently in each]

Both, but mostly for basic auto keyframing since the web plugin is null and void right now.

So it would be for animation and quick feedback. I was just hopeing that it might be possible since it runns the same lanaguage power of java script or action script, I have just never seen anyone try it yet.

bump bump.

was just wondering if anyone else could try this.
It would be very nice. But realy just makeing a new constraint of springy would be sufficient I guess.

I remember these demos. :wink:

Yes it can be done in python and Blender GE, you just need a spring system programmed…

Google “python spring mass system”
and you get: <— The source if not hard to follow, you just need to go into VPython and ripe a few of its math functions and translate the keneticsket to handle blender GE…