Can python resolve linked copies from originals?

(BlendedRace) #1


I’m interested in incorporating linked copy objects into an exportscript I’m working on. The aim is (for many repeated objects),that only one mesh is exported, and a ‘scene file’ is made with a list of the instance copies and their locations.
The single mesh object is made at the origin, then the linked copies are moved around and their locXYZ values are used to define their locations.

My question is: In python, how do I tell if an object is a linked copy or an original copy <grin>. Is the source mesh recorded in the parent field or is there just a series of objects that all point to the same info.

Cheers Stephen

PS Python is one of the BEST things about blender. I have heaps of short scripts around to do little mods to my meshes.

(theeth) #2

You can do that with the Blender210 api (only in Blender 2.23 or lower), but it is somewhat buggy. You can probably do it in 2.25 with the new api too, but Python is rather crash prone with that version… :-?