Can Rigify do Mechanical?

Can Rigify do Mechanical?

Can you be more specific?
Rigify is not intended for mechanical rigging but it can handle some situations.

sorry if this answer is too general but your question is also general :stuck_out_tongue:
if you think about the conventional bone systems, those Are mechanical-
as they Only rotate and Don’t stretch.

Rigify’s strong feature is the stretching and local IKs for different body parts-
these are original hard rigid mechanics re-programed into organic features.

for simple mechanical parts, you make the bone joints of your machine
and simply parent parts onto them- dont even need to weight paint.

for complex mechanics like parallel mech parts with linked parts in diff. places etc.
as good as rigify is, it won’t possibly know how your machine design would be,
those needs to be setup manually.

if you are talking about say a humanoid robot, simply
parent the parts onto rigify bones (no weight) -so no stretching,
as metals and plastic limbs dont stretch.
it would behave like a robot.

Ok thanks.