Can run yafaray .

i downloaded it.
i installed it in program files/yafaray
i choose blenderfoundation/blender to install there the scipts

here’sa video showing whati do

And i dont find the render yafaray in the render menu in blender nor in the scripts window

To run Yaf(a)ray: 1) hit F10-Scene and then under Render panel where it says Render, it says blender internal click on that to change that to yaf(a)ray. The settings will add 2 more tabs in the Scene area. 2)adjust settings per render. Attaching a basic screenshot of after.


I am not at my computer at home so I can’t show you what it really looks like. I don’t have yafray/yaf(a)ray installed on this computer. I hope this helps.

What you have decribed is Yafray. Yaf(a)ray is a different thing, and is accessed from the render menu (usually at the top, with file, add, etc.)
In response to the OP’s question, I had the same troubles when installing Yaf(a)ray on Vista. I can’t remember what exactly I did, but I installed (or mabye I just moved) some files into Blender’s scripts folder. Try installing to both the ProgramFiles\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts location, and the Blender folder in Users{your name here}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts. I’ll try to remember what exactly I did to get it to work. >.<

I don’t know if it is the same on Windows, but on Linux the Yaf(a)ray gui is under Scripts => Render, not Export.

@tatayume: I am on a Mac 10.5.5 with blender 2.47 from and I do not get those other options in scripts. Where would I put them? I can use the Blender Panels with yafray as the engine and I have gotten it to work. Where are blender’s script folder on Mac?

thanx , yes im talking about yafaray , could you please see the video , there i install yafaray but then when i try to find it in blender s not there. thanx

If you have the in Blender’s scripts folder, as a last resort you can open it in the Text Editor window and ALT+P to run it.

When installing yaf(a)ray, try setting the path (the second one, where you are telling it where blender is) to the program files location (ProgramFiles/BlenderFoundation/Blender, or wherever Blender is installed) I just installed the new version, and this worked for me. for the new version.
And about the mac question, I have no clue. Sorry :frowning:

no , i dont even have it in my computer i searched it and vista dont find it. ?¿

we have a Yaf(a)Ray Installation Help thread in


hi alvaro , have you seen the video ? i do everything you say in that page , and still the yafaray option in the menus doesnt show , nor in the scripts menu.

do you get this missage in the blender back console at Blender start up?
“checking for installed python, got it!”

when installing the yaf(a)ray scripts, alternatively you can point the installer to the Blender executable folder, usually in C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender. The installer will create a scripts folder there with Yaf(a)Ray scripts. Can you try this please?

also have you installed these?

Well, it has been hard for me too, to understand.
Here is what I have done :
I have uninstalled YAFRAY. Then I have noticed that YAFRAY render was still displayed in Blender Render choice. I have tried to uninstall blender and reinstall it, with no change. So, I think that YAFRAY choice is written into Blender.
Then, I have installed the QT setup.exe file and Yaf(a)ray.
I 'think that the YAFRAY panel in Blender allows to adjust the Yaf(a)ray parameters like with YAFRAY (I’m not sure).
After that, I explored the script menu in the Script screen, and found the Yaf(a)ray exporter in the render scripts list.
I have opened it and discovered a Render button in the Script exporter panel. This render button has to be used instead of Blender’s Render button or F12 !
This said, until now, I haven’t been able to render something else than the default cube, because of my lack of knowledge of the new interface, but it seems to work.
A new render window opens over Blender’s screen : it is Yaf(a)ray render window.
I hope this will help someone !

Got it ! it had left me the scripts inside another folder called scripts inside the .blender folder thanx !

Is there an basic tuts for getting the mats set up right and getting a basic scene rendered?(plus how do I get rid of the noise in the render?)

yes , a nice video tutorial on using yafaray would be great, i did one render, saw the bad result and quit blender.

Increase Samples and AA

A lot of the information you need is here:-

Here are some example scenes:-

Take some time to read through it and experiment. It is a new thing, you didn’t learn Blender in a day. Don’t forget to check out and consider trying out other render engines - maybe one suits you better than others.