Can see through blender fills and strokes in 3d view

Why can I see through these fills in blender grease pencil. :confused:

The bigger looking square is in the front of the smaller looking square. (They are both the same size though im just saying smaller and bigger since I can only post one image.)

By default, Stroke Depth Order is 2D Layers. (You can change Stroke Depth Order to 3D Location.)
A 2D Layers order means that last stroke created is appearing above the previous ones, as long as it is stored in same GP layer.
You can enable Draw on Back button in Draw mode to draw a new stroke behind existing ones.
In edit mode, you can rearrange GPstrokes by using menu Stroke > Arrange.

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Could you explain a bit more? Sorry I’m new to blender grease pencil…

By default, user is supposed to draw strokes on same drawing plane.

Grease Pencil object has properties about layers like in a 2D software.

But the strokes can be displaced in depth like what you did.
In that case, you have to precise that what you want is a different depth ordering.

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Sorry forgot to mark you down as the solution. I went to strokes and changed it to 3d, thanks for helping me :slight_smile: