Can select all vertices

I’v tried pressing A but it only selects some vertices here is a image of what I get in edit mode I cant see all the vertices or select them, I also sent the blender file to a friend and he was able to see all the vertices and move them.

Here is a image if you don’t get what I mean

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Side view like what you have will cause some of the vertices to be overlapped. Have you tried to rotate the mesh a little so that you can see them all?

Yes but as you can see only the parts in be red box have visible vertices

Attach your blend file to your post

Here it is


g36.blend (203 KB)

Hmm, I can select all vertices without a problem.
Select the main body of the gun and press Tab to go into edit mode.
The gun is in two parts, the one you have highlighted in red and the rest of it. You can only edit one object at a time. To join them together to form one object select both of them (use shift for multiple selection) and use Ctrl+J

Nothing happens when i go into edit mode with the body,

also can is add when I select just one part of the body the whole body gets selected

i get a message saying
“this data does not support joining in edit mode”

also why is the whole model in two parts when it should be in more?
Please help

Join objects in object mode

also why is the whole model in two parts when it should be in more?
Please help

Did you import from another program, if so you need to set the correct export and import settings. What do you want, one object or lots of separate parts. If separate parts go to edit mode, select all vertices (A) and separate out using P / Separate loos parts. This will create a new object for each unconnected part.

Well I made the model is many seperate parts so i could resize certain parts to my liking and so on.

also I made this model fully in blender

Edit: Oh wow Joining objects in object mode

some how allowed my to see all my vertices THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
iv have this problem with other models too :smiley:
Im soo happy