Can some one show me how to map images to individual faces?

Hi guys,

I know that it is possible to map individual images to individual faces of a mesh. I’ve seen tutorials about it, but I just cannot get it right. Here is what I have tried:

Blender 2.44, built from source:

(1) Select the Cube
(2) Change the mode into “UV Face Select”
(3) Select the top face
(4) Open a separate “Image Browser” window and right click on an image called “earth.jpg”
(5) Change the “Viewpoint Shading” to “Textured”
(6) Render the scene

Well, after all that, nothing happens. I don’t see the image mapped to the top face of the cube at all. Furthermore, I used the python interface to see if any of the faces in the cube I edited have an Image object – none of them do.

So could someone please tell me what I’ve done wrong? Better yet, could someone please post a blend file with a cube whose top face is textured to an image?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


select your model and go into face selct mode. with the face selected, you should see the coordinates of that face, as a dotted line, with colored corners, that fill up the whole grid ( in the UV window ). that’s the default mapping, every face uses the whole area. now, while you are still in face selct mode, with your coords in the UV window, call up, from the UV window, the image you wish to put on that face. if you are in textured draw mode, you should see it in the 3D window. If you want to see it in the render, press ‘tex face’ in the materials window.

Thanks Modron, I just figured out that the image selection has to be done in the “UV/Image Editor” panel, not the “Image Browser” panel.

Thank you so much!!!