Can somebody help me with weight painting?

I am putting armatures to a character I made from sculptris.And I am having problems when I move the armature.

When I move the armature, the character REALLY DEFORMS.
Please help me

any help would be appreciated

You’re going to have to give us a little more information than that. Do you have constraints on the rig? What kind of constraints? What happens, in more detail, when you move the armature? Really, a much better description or the blend itself is necessary.

I will upload the file so you can see.

When I move an armature, the character’s mesh becomes really UGLY.

I dont have constraints. When I move the armature, for the HAND, the Face is also included instead of the hand only.

Well, it sounds to me like your have some vertices in the face assigned to the bone for the hand. Just go in to Weight Painting mode (Select the bone in Pose Mode, then select the mesh and press Ctrl+Tab). select the bone for the hand and then look at the face mesh. If any of it is any color other than dark blue, that would be your problem. Also, in Weight Painting mode, try moving the hand bone so that the face mesh deforms, then, use the brush set to 0 weight on whatever area of the face mesh moves to remove the weight for those vertices from the hand bone.

Hope that helps.

Your character’s neck is far lower than the mesh’s neck. Your arms are grabbing geometry that your clavicles should be taking. Additionally, you will not get very nice deformations until you clean up his topology. You could also rig a simpler geometry cage and deform your model with the MeshDeform modifier.