Can someon help me make a good walk cycle please??

I wonder if someone got the time to make a dinousaur walk cycle for me. I tried but it just didn’t work. I don’t think my rig is bad, I have just never done it before so it will look much better if someone else could make it.

Also I got a question, if I want could I import my rigged and animated model into apricot so everything is just like it was in blender. All the logic is the same and all. Because I want real time shadows.

Here is a screen and the blend.

Well, I’ll spell it out for you. Everyone starts out like you, I would suggest that you make your walk cycle and tweak it out a lot to make it look better. Nobody’s going to do it for you (unless they’re unnecessarily nice).

Unnecessarily nice? Is it even possible to be that?
Ok then, I’l try, but if it doesn’t work I’l make suicide and then it’s your fault:p

Anyway mt second question then, can I do it? Or maybe I should import the model now before I do the walk cycle?