Can someone compile a new OSX build ??

I am getting weird slowdowns with the older cvs build posted at graphicall and have not once been able to get it compiled anymore even when getting help something is screwy with cvs… Anyways was hopeing someone could post a new build…

I’d love to have one for my iBook, OS X 10.2.
Please %|

I’ve uploaded a bf-blender 10.3.9 ppc build (March 8 ) to

Hmmmm it acts like the old redraw bug is back. Like if I try and pull on a slider to change a value it is slow as pills to change the value or not at all…

Also The Sequencer does not work anymore to show the scene and viewerThe whole app feels slow now :frowning:

and i can’t use Blender at uni now :frowning:

OSX 10.4
and their windows machiens crash blender each time i press the save or open button (aka file browsing). i think they have locked down their windows machines like a POW camp in a war.


lukep posted a cvs compile of 2.41 at It isn’t exactly complete but it seems to work well here (10.3.9, py2.3). This was compiled to deal with an OpenAL problem that caused blender to crash regualrly if audio was imported into a blend for syncing.

Noted issues:
OpenEXR not included in compile
No Quicktime output.

There are subtle differences from 2.41 since the cvs includes some of the newer goodies (or at least hints at them). I don’t know how it will work in other OS versions.

NOTE: lukep’s disclaimer “this build is incomplete & experimental (no openexr) and should not be used for valuble work till it is tested thoroughly”