Can someone create something for me and describe how you made it?

Basically, I need someone to create a project for me and describe how they made it in a short, written tutorial about what buttons/settings/etc. they used and in exchange for services rendered we could reach an agreement on an appropriate payment. Sorry for the short description but more details are forthcoming for any interested parties. If interested, please leave a post below or feel free to private message me so that we can discuss the project in greater depth.

There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that can teach you things for free. Just follow along with them.

it might be a simple matter. perhaps if you are more descriptive as to what you want

Well the first part I need would just be an environment such as a plot of grass with some trees or a city street or a hill (basically, any type of environment would do. I don’t need anything super complicated yet like lighting or texture, just the environment. I feel like I’m looking in the wrong places for these tutorials. I spent hours reading a book online about how to use blender and after a few hours I still hadn’t reached any sort of description about how to actually use any tool to do something of this sort so I got frustrated and came here for help. It can’t be that hard to make a beginners environment with no texture or lighting, right?

I’m just not finding the information for how to actually make it so I thought I might as well see if anyone would be willing to do something similar and then tell me how they did it and what buttons they used. I’m doing this for my art class but my teacher just said to go and learn it and make this environment and she didn’t teach me how or give me any materials or links for me to learn so I’m just sort of fumbling around in the dark at this point and since I’m not at all familiar with computer art/design programs like this, almost all of the terminology just goes right over my head.

Unfair and unreasonable requirement. And don’t tell me you spent so much time online and couldn’t even learn basics of Blender

What is the unfair and unreasonable requirement? And the book I read said that Blender is not for beginners. To reiterate, I have never in my life used a program like this, or even sort of like this. I’ve never used photoshop or illustrator either and I have zero experience in this sort of work. If you’re saying it’s unfair and unreasonable for me to offer money in exchange for services rendered then you’re barking up the wrong tree. It’s my money and their time and we can both do with it what we wish. If no one wants to help me here then that’s my problem and I’ll have to find someone else to help me. If someone does want to help me and be paid for services rendered then that is their right to spend their time doing so (and my right to pay them, by the way).

You sound frustrated. And your language is not that of a literate person otherwise you would have used the word barking for yourself :slight_smile:

Nothing is for beginners in this life. Everything is for those who have patience to learn.

And even I never did anything close to drawing ever in my life. I simply watched Blender tutorials on YouTube and started. Am surprised that even with so many hours of research and with a book, you haven’t learn enough to do this basic.

Either you are looking at shortcut or you are lying about all that online/book attempts.

Last but not the least, arrogance of this kind would lead to nothing. No one will help you after reading what you wrote. At least no sensible guy would after seeing your arrogance. You don’t sound to value skills and feel that money can buy you anything and everything

Well, I did spend several hours reading an online book about how to use blender and I had not found enough information in that book to actually create anything, just enough to move the screen around the cube. But I digress, you obviously have your own opinion about my situation and I’ll respectfully disagree and bid you adieu. We’re now free to go our separate ways and you can ignore my request and posts. If you don’t wish to take me up on my offer, that’s your right, just as it’s my right to ask others to do so if they would like compensation for their work. Clearly I’m not the only one here with issues of arrogance since you clearly believe that my request was a direct insult to your morals/intelligence/beliefs/etc. when in reality I am offering a job with pay to someone who is willing to take the contract. Like I said, you’re free to ignore my offer and/or rail against the injustice of my request all you want. And if no one would like to take the offer then, as I said before, that is my problem and I’ll simply have to try somewhere else like oDesk.

Have you tried out Blender Cookie yet? I had zero experience with art of any kind, aside from playing some guitar, and this site has helped me an enormous amount with learning blender, and so have these forums. I kind of feel for you because you can look in the wrong places and get no where for many hours. I came across Blender by accident when trying to learn Anim8or. I thought Anim8or was the only free 3D modeling software out there and I spent many wasted hours trying to learn how to use it and never came across a reference to any other program aside from 3Ds Max, which is not free. I’m not really one for illegally downloading either so I’ve never used it. I haven’t payed anything for what I have learned which is the great thing about blender.

Here is the link to the Get Started with Blender page:

I hope this helps!

Thank you for the link, I’ll definitely check it out. It’s reassuring to hear that others have had trouble finding sources with useful information.

Course designed for beginners

After reading this statement it sounds to me like you are taking a class that is way above your skill level. Are there no basic knowledge requirements for this class? No prerequisites for this course?

If someone shows you how to accomplish what you want and you pay for it, what will happen when the teacher asks for something more complex?


It’s just a high school art class and my teacher knows I play video games so she thought I would like this assignment. She tries to let us be independent and kind of design assignments around our interests which is great but I do more just drawing or sculpting usually. She doesn’t have any experience with this program either hence why I’m teaching myself. It’s not a situation that will escalate to a more difficult project in Blender, it’s a one off, but I’m struggling with the amount of information there is to learn just to create something seemingly simple. I understand your concern though, if I were trying to fake this and then do harder projects. The other problem is I have a learning disability that most of my teachers take into account by meeting with my after school but it’s just really hard for me to learn when I’m not shown an example and my teacher can’t help me with this because she doesn’t know it either so I thought it would make more sense to have people make something, tell me how they made it, and then I would know what buttons to use. I don’t want to turn someone else’s work in as my own because I could probably get expelled for that and I think it’s wrong to cheat.

If your teacher knows crap about 3d content creation, how’s she to evaluate your project afterwards and how are you going to do a project where you don’t even know how to use the tools?
And I don’t know what timeframe you got, but you can calculate a few months with daily practice to learn Blender to a point where you can just use it without having to consult any sources on how to do what.

This is like a blind man telling someone without limbs to paint a picture for grading.

I think you need to speak to the teacher and ask for an assignment that is within your grasp. For many people learning 3D graphics it can take months before they are able to produce something that they are happy with. Sure you can follow a tutorial but you will only create what the tutorial writer tells you to make. Creating on your own takes a-lot of hard work and willingness to hit the wall quite a few times. I doubt the due date on this assignment will allow for that.

What was the title of the book that you tried to read? From my perspective there are 2 types of things that you have to learn in order to get Blender to do what you want.

  1. Basic user interface

Blender is a lot more complicated than a pencil. If you want to draw something then just about everybody has some experience with making marks on a paper with a pencil. But with Blender is it not obvious how to get from that first default screen with a cube to something new that you have created.

This is the book that got me semi-functional in Blender:

It is project based and assumes that you have never used and 3D software before. It walks you though exactly which buttons to press to make things happen. The project for the book is developing a room with some furniture and a character. I think that the chapters on creating the room would be very helpful to you.

This is the level of tutorial that you need. It shows you which buttons to press to transform that first “cube scene” into a basic room. This is the “how to use your pencil” tutorial. Most tutorials you find on the web fall into the second type of knowledge.

  1. Building models and scenes

Once you know the basics of how to create new models then most online tutorials start to be more helpful. It is fairly easy to model a basic chair or bench. Modeling a more realistic humanoid, animal, or car is non-obvious and creating these meshes is an art in-and-of itself. That is not even talking about texturing, lighting, rigging, animating, and composting. Each one of these tasks can basically be treated as a separate art form.

Don’t get discouraged! This is a huge subject matter and there is lots to learn, but I think that is part of the fun. If this is a high school class and your teacher does not know much about this stuff then just keep track of everything you learn on your project. You are not going to produce a “Pixar” quality image on your first try but that does not mean that you have failed. Good teachers that let students do independent projects like this will grade on the self-motivation and your learning process just as much as the final results. That’s up to you to decide if you have a good and reasonable teacher.

If you are really interested in this then the first hurdle to learning is the biggest one. See if you can get a copy of the book I suggested. Check the library or used book stores. If you cannot find that book or something similar, then try looking for online tutorials again but avoid searching for “how to model a…” instead look for something more like “Blender basic interface” or “Intro to Blender”.

All the tutorials on “How to draw a person” are useless if nobody has told you that you have to sharpen your pencil before it will make a mark on the paper.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and helpful suggestions. I spoke to my teacher today and she was actually very receptive and is allowing me to switch projects and do a painting instead which is more my speed. It’s just very difficult studying for all my classes and SATs to try to learn Blender at this time but I definitely think it would be something that I would enjoy spending time over the summer learning to use. Again, thanks for all the help because I really appreciate it.