Can someone explain this, please?

(NateTG) #1

Can someone please explain this? Or is it an unavoidable problem with the shadow map system?

The head is completely closed (I included a side view to prove it.)

Only problems I could think of (checked both of them, nothing wrong):
a) Spotlight clipping
b) A texture on the bottom of the head that is not tracable.

Is there anything that can be done, or is it a problem I will have to live with and hope nobody notices? :frowning:

oh. If you can’t see an image up there, copy & paste:

(hannibar) #2

To me it looks like it’s the light flewing through the mouth.

(NateTG) #3

yeah, I know, but WHY is it able to flow through? Shouldn’t the bottom of the chin be blocking it? (Look in the sideview that I posted earlier.)

(VelikM) #4

Post the .blend file, it’s hard to tell anything from a picture.

(YAYA) #5

Try to set the shadow bias to 0.010
and it must work!

(S68) #6

Rise clipEnd (for me…)