Can someone get me a decent photograph of Ton's face?

This would be kinda useful in a project I’m doing currently (edit: for one side of a “BCoin”, along with the words “In Ton we trust”). Don’t worry, it won’t be embarassing! A largeish uncompressed picture of his face, at such an angle that you can see both eyes. Thanks!

Ton is not a disney cartoon. You should ask him yourself.


He’s not a cartoon?

the recent blender newsletter thingy had an interview of him with a pic. They might have it.

he IS a cartoon i say!

OK, let’s try again (so the adolescent degenerates have a fair chance of grasping the concept):

Don’t worry, it won’t be embarassing!

If you have neither the descency nor the courage to ask him yourself then I wouldn’t trust you on that.


yes, why don’t you send him an email and tell him why you want his photo?

Because I’m too lazy to find his email address :wink:

Seriously, though, I just thought I would save him some trouble if I asked around for a already-existing photo instead of nagging him. I mean, we all know how busy he’s gotta be; why should I bug him with a mostly-selfish request? A note, if you’re worried about the use (I guess I should have stated this in the original post, editing…), it’s just going to be for the BCoins modeling thing, which, spam-thread or not, is a pretty neat idea for something to model.


Too lazy to find ton’s email? That’s LAZY with all capital letters.