Can someone get us a BGE build with the latest BGE fixes?

Because it would really be useful for BGE developers to have a build with the latest fixes.

I say this because I downloaded a recent SVN build and while the restitution largely worked again the recent near sensor fix didn’t seem to be in it.

So can someone get an SVN build with all the recent BGE fixes uploaded, it would be really useful for BGE developers?

Thanks in advance to Ben, Mal, or whoever uploads it.

Is no one interested in getting us the latest build with the latest fixes from the Game Engine Branch? People could really used the fixed near sensor and the fact there’s no more scene change memory leak.

lol thats funny. Here Here we want one!

I have worked recently on fixing numerous memory leak bugs. There are still a few Kb of leaks on each scene but it is much better than the few Mb of the official release.
The trouble is that I’ve done so many changes that I don’t feel confident to put them on SVN directly.
So I suggest the following: I will generate a release (win32 only!) with all the fixes that I’ve done so far and post it somewhere. Then it would be great if many of you could run their games to make sure that it is stable.
I still need to do some tidy up so be patient a few more days.

So after our games work with your version will you then put the fixes in SVN? It would be nice to have a nice fat list of BGE fixes for the 2.46 release logs.

Also, another simple task for you is to comment all aspects of the BGE code, this could encourage development of the BGE.

With only a few kb’s leaked now for every scene switch this is a huge improvement, hopefully the leaks will be gone soon enough.

So after our games work with your version will you then put the fixes in SVN?

Note that I’ve just tested a game with big Python scripts and there are again big leaks related to that. So I will need to investigate…
Anyway, I hope I can release the fixes for test by the end of this week.

That are good news ;). I am looking forward to test it.

Ben would you mind if one of us posted a thread where you can post your updates on fixing the BGE? It would be really nice as people can track your progress on bug and mem. leak squashing.

Good idea. I’ve created a thread: