Can someone help another MakeHair newbie?

Wel… i tried, tried and tried a little more and just couldn’t get a render from MakeHair…


  • Installed Aqsis 1.2.0;
  • Unpacked MakeHair alpha 002;
  • Moved the “hair.slx” shader to “Aqsis/shaders” folder;
  • Just exported the default makehair scene to: “C:\hair001.rib”;
  • The code i got was:
Option "statistics" "endofframe" [1]
Projection "perspective" "fov" [37.8492888321]
Format 640 480 1
Clipping 0.10000000149 100.0
PixelSamples 2 2
Sides 2
Display "00001.tif" "framebuffer" "rgb"
Display "+C:\makehair\hair001.tif" "file" "rgba"
  Rotate 72.2333917772 1 0 0
  Rotate -0.153701788087 0 1 0
  Rotate 1.02539588062 0 0 1
  Translate 0.120466470718 6.26960372925 8.46742343903
 LightSource "ambientlight" 998 "intensity" [1] "color lightcolor" [0.0 0.0 0.0]
 LightSource "pointlight" 1 "from" [-2.55456066132 -9.86636352539 -5.3357257843] "intensity" 1.20000004768  "lightcolor" [0.413196504116 0.495137482882 0.516700923443] 
 LightSource "pointlight" 2 "from" [7.78205299377 -3.16631865501 -16.620300293] "intensity" 1.0  "lightcolor" [0.879999995232 0.889999985695 0.730000019073] 
 LightSource "pointlight" 3 "from" [-6.42767238617 3.56042480469 -8.0469045639] "intensity" 1.0  "lightcolor" [0.413196504116 0.495137482882 0.516700923443] 
 LightSource "pointlight" 4 "from" [1.50909030437 -0.921810567379 -9.22693920135] "intensity" 1.55415713787  "lightcolor" [1.0 1.0 1.0] 
 LightSource "pointlight" 5 "from" [-0.397508382797 -0.953941822052 -7.52121162415] "intensity" 1.55415713787  "lightcolor" [1.0 1.0 1.0] 

  • Then Aqsis start renrering and all I got is a black image.

I’ve read somewhere that MakeHair works well with Aqsis 1.1.0, but I can’t find this version for download… I still with the same problem =/

Try with the file which you can find in this directory :;O=D

Thanks, it works now.
Last queston: How can I turn the bckground trasparent? For the Gimp composing?

Hey Bruttoavt, would you care to share the file once you’re done? Or is it private.
(At least show us the results, will you?!) :wink:

Yes, I always share my .blends, but for now it’s only a WIP. I’m making a vampire girl like Anna Valerious from Van Helsing. Her hair is pretty difficult (at least to me) to be done with particles, so I’m using MakeHair. Now I’m working on her clothes (she has 2), then I’ll make the scenery and when I get all the stuff “done” I’ll post here. But I still don’t know how to make the background trasparent.

In the RIB file there is a line that goes something like this :

Display “bulb.tiff” “file” “rgb”

Change the “rgb” to “rgba” - this will render the background in alpha so you can composite it later.

I haven’t played with MakeHair too much at all, so I am unsure how to do it there, but once the file is exported you can edit it later.

Thanks , I’ll try it.