Can someone help me crush a bug ???



You’ll find a .blend here:
Bug.blend (573 KB)

It is an extract of a scene that leads to a bug.
I’ve managed to narrow it down to there, but I’d like to go to the core of that.

Basically, just press F12. It’ll render a daft grey render, but it’s ok.
Now, If you re-render straight away, RAM consumption rockets high ! On my 7 GB system, 6.5 are allocated to Blender in a matter of seconds. There are no textures, no complexity whatsoever that could justify that…

I’ve tried with a recent Graphical build, same behaviour.

I run 7 64.

OSX 2.63 r47656 Not a flutter to ram useage no matter how many times rendered

I have not tried this one out, but I had something similar except when I opened a certain layer. It turned out that some simple low poly rocks I had modeled were causing the whole file to slow down a lot even when in a different scene! Unfortunately I deleted them in the outliner which fixed the problem, but I couldn’t send it to the bug tracker.


Tried rendering this file multiple times with the latest svn trunk version of Blender and could not get the memory usage issues reported.

Mem 6.49M
Peak memory usage for me was 23.04M

EDIT: tried the file on another VERY recent windows build from graphicall and the bug is gone… Pfffeeww, i lost about 2 hours of my day trying to understand what went wrong there… Thanks guys !

I re-downloaded the last official 64 bits Blender from to make sure, and it crashes…

But as the bug seems to be gone on a recent graphicall build, would you track it down and report it ?

If the bug is not present in last build you don’t have anything to report. Let the developpers focusing in existing bugs.

Yes, I asked because obviously the build i have isn’t official. So if a bug is not present on non-official releases (more recent) but appears on official builds, you don’t fill a bug report ?
OK, easier for me anyway !

Thanks Bao