can someone help me here, willing to pay $$

hey guys, this is my first post. anyway, i have a class that i have to design a beer for. only problem is, im choosing to do a can instead of a bottle like the rest of the class. this means i need to do this in a 3d program so i can display it.

if anyone here is willing to make a regular 12 oz beer can in blender for me, ill send you a graphic to go on it, and if you can put it together so i can display it, id be willing to pay.

pm me please if your interested and we can work out a payment thing and if you can send me some of your work thatd be great so i know im not gonna get a can that looks like crap. this wont be due for a little while, so dont worry about rushing though

thanks in advance

You have posted this in the wrong section. Please post this in a support section!

What forum does “do my homework for me” belong in? :eek:

I would have to say that this is one of the oddest requests I’ve ever seen.

Search for “soda can tutorial” and you’ll be able to make your own beer can faster than this thread can fill up with sarcastic replies.

sarcastic Reply

Quick… It’s Filling Up…lol :slight_smile:

Hmmm… kinda depends. If the point of the class is to design a logo for a beer product, and you just want some help with a cool, 3D way to display it, that’s one thing. If it’s a 3D design class, and you really do want someone to do your homework for you, that’s quite another.

My recommendation would be to create something as a start, to show some good faith, then post it for critique. You’ll get help (and then some :)) for free.

I’ll do your homework for you, how much are you willing to pay?

(You guys are dumb! this could be the easiest sum of money you’ve ever made!)

No, the easiest sum of money I ever made was… well, I’m not going to get into it. But I can tell you I was dumb for getting involved with it.

Making money is easy. Making money while sticking to your own code of ethics and morals, now that can be more difficult.

P.S. if you take the job, make sure not to let him know how many can models are already available for free on the 'Net. Might mess up the whole deal. :wink:


You mean something more elaborate than the add>>cylinder primitive? Sheesh. AndyD, you mean we don’t have a “do my homework for me” forum? What kind of place is this, anyway?

lmfao! seriously! XB

I thought so too, and was earlier going to link this thread to it, but I think the once widely used soda can tutorial has since been pulled. :frowning: As far as I can tell it used to be here:

This guy’s had an image of it on his blog since February…

It was a nice tutorial too.

Whoa, how much money are we talking?

If the price is right, I’ll do the beer bottle, I’ll even do your freaking math homework. Just don’t expect me to attend Gym class for you.

i’ll do gym!!

math sucks

gym’s easy

Model contributed in other thread. Let’s stop posting to this one.

I know, math DOES suck, but if you know how to do it, why not get some bucks for it XD

mikeyflips: Is it really that hard to make your own can? Just adda circle, extrude up from the bottom, changin the size each time… like this

Take a pic of the top of a can and use it as a tex for the top, and i guess if you’re doing a logo, photoshop or gimp?